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When We Fall - Debut Album (CD + Digital Download)

The debut album from All Our Exes Live in Texas

1. The Devil's Part
2. I'm Gonna Get My Heart Cut Out
3. Boundary Road
4. When The Sun Comes Up
5. Tell Me
6. Parking Lot
7. Candle
8. Sailboat
9. Oh Lover of Mine
10. Don't Cry
11. Childhood Home
12. Cadillac

Produced by Wayne Connolly
Co-produced by All Our Exes Live in Texas
All songs mixed by Wayne Connolly
All songs engineered by Wayne Connolly with assistance from Jai Ingram except 'Tell Me' and 'Sailboat', engineered by Chris Vallejo
Mastered by Roger Siebel

All Our Exes Live in Texas are:
Katie Wighton - guitar & vocals
Hannah Crofts - ukelele & vocals
Elana Stone - accordion & vocals
Georgia Mooney - mandolin & vocals

Evan Mannell - drums and percussion
Hamish Stuart - drums and percussion
Zoe Hauptmann - electric/double bass
Dave Symes - electric/double bass
Aaron Flower - electric guitar
Tim Hart - banjo
Veronique Serret - violin
David Wicks - viola
Heather Lindsay - cello
Simon Ferenci - trumpet and trombone
Wayne Connolly - electric guitar, bass and numerous magical things
Georgia, Elana, Hannah & Katie - piano, omnichord, percussion, organ, keyboards, screeching, banging etc
String arrangements by Tilman Robinson, 'When The Sun Comes Up' and 'Childhood Home' and Lucian McGuinness, 'Childhood Home'